ATC Consumer Hifi SCM40A Cherry

# ATC 265080
3-way active loudspeaker (per pair)
€ 10.210,00 incl. BTW


SCM40A, ToneAudio Magazine.
Reviewer Quotes:
"The mid-range is the money zone in speakers, and never is this truer than with the SCM40As. The soft dome is a revelation, especially with acoustic guitars. The romantic Mexican string style in "Puesta Del Sol" by Sean Harkness combines mellow richness with clarity. This accuracy is a hallmark of ATC." Mark Marcantonio, August 2015.
"If you're tired of the cable and equipment hassle, I can't suggest a better pair of active speakers than the ATC SCM40As. They produce sound well beyond what their price tag suggests, especially considering that you will eliminate at least a few thousand dollars in speaker cables and power amplifiers." Jeff Dorgay, August 2015.

SCM40A, Positive Feedback Online.
Reviewer Quotes:
"vocals have a clarity, immediacy and "speed" that few other cone driver brands have."
"ATC combine much of the dynamic characteristics of horn drivers, while leaving behind the shouty, cupped hands sound."
"I like the place the 40A plays in the ATC line. It's an angel's balance of the somewhat kinder, gentler domestic line with a slice of the precision of their studio line. Absolutely recommended."

" New ATC designed and built dual suspension 25mm soft dome HF unit with precision alloy wave guide.
" ATC Soft Dome mid-range driver.
" ATC 164mm short coil bass driver.
" All drive units incorporate massive optimised motor assemblies.
" On-board grounded source 235 watt Class A/B Tri-amplifier.
" Active filters and overload protection.
" 6 year warranty.

Drivers: HF ATC 25mm dual suspension Tweeter, Mid 75mm ATC Soft Dome, LF ATC 164mm SC
Matched Response: ±0.5dB
Frequency Response (-6dB): 48Hz-22kHz
Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical
Max SPL: 112dB
Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz & 3.5kHz
Connectors: Male XLR
Input sensitivity : 1V
Filters : 4th Order critically damped with phase compensation.
Overload Protection : Active FET momentary gain reduction.
Fault Protection : DC fault protection and thermal trip. Fault indication on rear panel mounted LED.
Amplifier Output: 150W LF, 60W MF, 25W HF
Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 980x370x344mm (spikes add 25mm, grill adds 34mm to depth)
Weight: 36kg

De voordelen van actieve luidsprekeraansturing
- Versterkers zijn optimaal aangepast voor de frequentieband waarin ze werken
- Actieve filtering met fasecorrectie garandeert een natuurlijker timbre en een uitstekende stereoplaatsing.
- Dynamisch gedrag en frequentiecurves zijn niet afhankelijk van het geluidniveau waarop wordt afgespeeld.
- Intermodulatievervorming is 20dB lager dan bij een passief systeem
- Laagfrequenties worden zijn beter onder controle.
- Groter dynamisch bereik bij hetzelfde versterkervermogen