ATC Consumer Hifi SCM150ASLT SE (pair)

# ATC 266110
3-way active loudspeaker
€ 55.065,00 incl. BTW


THE SE Series is the latest statement in a long line of Limited Edition products that encapsulate the very best of ATC's engineering and design values.

Active versus Passive

Active amplification has many advantages:
- Real active amplification means using a dedicated amplifier for each frequency band. Not to be confused by having one broad band amplifier built into the loudspeaker cabinet whilst still using passive crossovers.
- Active crossover filters (at the input of the amplifier) with phase correction ensure accurate timbre, excellent imaging and source location
- A flat magnitude response that is not changed with power input level results in excellent linear behaviour
- A 20dB improvement in intermodulation distortion (IMD). Reducing IMD is one of the major design goals when designing a loudspeaker system.
- Better controlled low frequency (due to optimal damping by the amplifier)
- A greater dynamic range for the same input power (no losses caused by a passive filter)

Any veneer to order amongst which:
- Rosewood real wood veneer, Black top brow, red horns
- Burr Magnolia real wood veneer. Matching veneered brow, dull nickel horns
- High Gloss Cherry real wood veneer. Black brow and horns

- New ATC designed and built 25mm Soft Dome tweeter model SH25-76S
- The unique ATC 75mm Soft Dome mid range model SM75-150S
- The latest 234mm short coil super lineair magnet Bass Driver model SB75-375SL
- Accurate timbre, wide dispersion and perfect imaging.
- Choice of top brow finisch and colour detail
- 6 year warranty

- Drivers: HF 25mm, Mid 75mm ATC Soft Dome, LF 375mm SL
- Frequency Response (±2dB): 60Hz-17kHz
- Frequency Response (±6dB): 25Hz-25kHz
- Matched Response: ±0.5dB
- Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical
- Max SPL: 117dB
- Crossover Frequencies: 380Hz and 3.5KHz
- Connectors: Male XLR
- Filters: All Active
- Amplifier Output: 200w LF, 100w Mid, 50w HF
- Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 1205x533x640mm
- Weight: 97 kg