Grace Design m905 Analog Black

# GRAC065126B
High fidelity stereo monitor system
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Text by Grace Design

The m905 Analog is an analog-only product. As standard, it doesn't include the digital section functionality of the m905, but it can be upgraded to full m905 specification at a later date if desired. The main unit is provided in the same exact rack-mount enclosure, and comes with the standard m905 hardware remote. On the input side, the m905 Analog is configured with two sets of balanced analog input pairs via XLR connectors, and an unbalanced stereo pair on RCA jacks. Sonic performance of the m905 is identical to the m905 except that there's no digital section. In order to keep costs in check, the hardware remote will come with a 25 foot cable made from CAT5 cabling. This will mean that the headphone output on the hardware remote will not be operational. The headphone out on the rack unit will be fully functional. If needed, one can update this cable at a later date.

The m905 has been engineered from the ground up to provide unrivaled audio performance, with a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive feature set. The main audio and power supply circuitry is housed in a 2U rack mount mainframe, while system control is managed by a sleek new ergonomic desktop remote control unit (RCU). The RCU is a combination of dedicated hardware and a color, graphical LCD. The primary monitoring features are accessed via hardware switches and a rotary encoder. All system information is presented on the LCD and illuminated switches. This hybrid design provides the solid feel and function of traditional hardware, with the added power and flexibility of a graphical user interface.

Some of the m905 Analog key features include:
- analog inputs: balanced, unbalanced, cue loop and talkback mic
- reference headphone amplifier circuitry (essentially, a built-in m903) with one output on the mainframe unit, and one on the RCU
- Dr. Jan Meier's crossfeed circuitry for headphone monitoring use
- sleek new ergonomically designed RCU with hardware switches, large level/edit encoder, and color, graphical LCD
- LCD shows inputs, outputs, (these can all be named by the user) levels, SPL status, plus a powerful calibration menu
- real-time SPL metering that's sourced by the built-in, omnidirectional RCU microphone - includes level, peak, fast and slow modes and A & C weighting
- precision .5 dB step level control for speakers and headphones
- dedicated Mono, Dim and Mute switches
- mono mode can be set to L+R summed, L only in both channels, or R only in both channels
- (3) available stereo speaker outputsÂ…(2) configurable as 2.1
- Sub output mode for stereo or multiple mono subwoofer outputs
- Meter output mode fed by selected analog input signal, with level calibration
- future firmware upgrades will be available via download on the USB port
- Limited 5 Year Warranty