MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock Silver

# MUTE063005
Digital Audio Master Clock Generator
€ 1.020,00 incl. BTW


The MC-3+ Smart Clock is developed to significantly improve the audiophile quality of connected digital audio devices in two ways: At first by clocking devices with ultra-low-jitter Word Clock signals and secondly by aggressively re-clocking incoming digital audio signals.

"When plugging in the MUTEC MC-3+ for the first time, the results were immediate. I didn't have to convince myself that what was coming out of the speakers was tighter, more detailed, and expansive." – Alex DeTurk, Tape Op – March 2015
"Its operating structure’s design is very logical and practical while the technical functionality is meticulously implemented at the highest quality level. And finally the best - its absolutely unbeatable price. My personal summary: this gizmo stays in my studio..." – Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin – November 2013
"This is the clock I've been looking for! The MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock sounds better than clocks costing at least five times as much." – Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer
"The MC3+ Smart Clock is a very smart clock indeed, with unusually flexible configurability, excellent performance, an attractive price, and a brilliantly simple user interface. Highly recommended." – Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound – May 2014

Incorporates MUTEC's unique 1G-Clock technology for lowest jitter possible
Improves audiophile quality of any connected digital audio device
Re-clocks digital audio most aggressively
Raises clearly audible the sound quality of any DA converter
Eliminates digital “Clicks and Pops”
Enhances existing master clocks
Digitally-compensated clock accuracy for highest precision of the generated clocks
Locks to 10 MHz clock signals of so-called Atomic clocks or GPS receivers
Outputs clock signals fail-safe in any state of operation
Generates Word Clocks, Super Clocks, AES3 + S/P-DIF blanks simultaneously
Converts between AES3 and S/P-DIF as well as between AES11 and Word Clock
New-designed, simple user interface
Front panel lock-out for preventing misuse
Rack-space-saving 9.5“ housing
Built-in, international power supply