MUTEC MC-3+ USB Silver

# MUTE063007
Master Clock Generator & USB Interface
€ 1.425,00 incl. BTW


Exceptional Audio Re-Clocker, audiophile USB Interface & lowest Jitter Master Clock

"Now this is truly remarkable: the MC-3+ USB reduces jitter artifacts by more than 35 dB when re-clocking a professional DAT recorder." – Jürgen Schröder,
"When plugging in the MUTEC MC-3+ for the first time, the results were immediate. I didn't have to convince myself that what was coming out of the speakers was tighter, more detailed, and expansive." – Alex DeTurk, Tape Op – March 2015
"Its operating structure’s design is very logical and practical while the technical functionality is meticulously implemented at the highest quality level. And finally the best - its absolutely unbeatable price. My personal summary: this gizmo stays in my studio..." – Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin – November 2013
"This is the clock I've been looking for! The MUTEC MC-3+ Smart Clock sounds better than clocks costing at least five times as much." – Dave Kutch, Mastering Engineer
"The MC3+ Smart Clock is a very smart clock indeed, with unusually flexible configurability, excellent performance, an attractive price, and a brilliantly simple user interface. Highly recommended." – Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound – May 2014

" Next generation MUTEC 1G-Clock technology
" Revolutionary REVIVE Re-Clocking improves existing digital audio systems
" Audiophile, galvanically isolated two-channel USB interface
" Effective power supply filtering through lowest-noise, multiple-stage voltage supplies
" Flexible digital switching matrix, audio format and DSD-PCM converter
" Intuitive user interface and installation, ready for updates
" Available with black or clear aluminum face plate
" and many more...

The MC-3+USB's improvements to the sound quality of connected devices are two-fold: first as an ultra-low jitter clock with industry-leading precision and noise performance, and secondly by aggressively re-clocking incoming digital audio signals. MUTEC's proprietary 1G-Clock technology from the MC-3+ Smart Clock, appreciated by leading mastering engineers around the world, has been significantly optimized using the latest ultra-low noise components carefully sourced by MUTEC's developers to surpasses noise specifications of esoteric clocks many times the cost. As a result, the MC-3+USB delivers an unmatched level of signal purity, precision, and musicality, which audibly improves the sound quality in the entire studio, at an affordable price.
As MUTEC's first clock generator with an high-performance, bi-directional two-channel USB interface the device provides the best possible audio signal transfer between DAWs, digital sources and receivers, and the transmission and conversion of DSD/DoP streams. The interface most notably acts as an USB isolator that is galvanically isolated from the rest of the signal processing and therefore eliminates noise interferences from audio workstations. The interface also allows future software updates to be implemented in a convenient and timesaving fashion.
Thanks to innovative features like the signal conversion to five audio output formats, the DSD/DoP-to- PCM conversion, four simultaneous Word Clock outputs, and the capability to lock to ultra-high- precision 1-10 MHz reference clocks, the MC-3+USB is an extremely flexible, "must have" centerpiece for any digital studio!

The most significant features of the MC-3+USB however are its unmatched suppression of noise and its jitter-free audio performance, particularly when selecting the USB interface as the source. Using the cutting-edge components, lowest-noise audio oscillators and power suppy, as well as high-speed, IT- tech isolators, the USB interface is close to immune towards interferences from PCs, laptops or music servers. The MC-3+USB is capable of delivering a consistent, highest-grade audio performance regardless of the quality of the USB source.

- Optimizes jitter-affected digital sources like CD transports, satellite ratios, and streamers
- Ideally suited as a signal conditioner to audibly improve any D/A converter
- Enables computer audio via USB at highest fidelity quality
- Serves as a digital audio switching matrix, format converter, and master clock
- Renders expensive luxury cables unnecessary
- Exports and converts native DSD signals from the computer
- Isolates USB audio streams to digital devices
- Improves jitter-affected digital sources for archival and audio processing purposes

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