MUTEC REF 10 Black

# MUTE062950B
10 Mhz Reference Master Clock
€ 3.800,00 incl. BTW


*** We have a unit available for demo purposes ***

The REF10 is a 10 MHz reference master clock generator with industry-leading low phase noise (i.e. jitter). As the conductor of your digital audio orchestra at home, the REF10 will inspire you with unheard-of clarity, graceful dynamics, and pure music. It is the most flexible, most compatible 10 MHz clock on the market allowing you to spend less time worrying about integration and leaving you with more hours to enjoy blissful playback.

The REF10 will be the perfect match as an upgrade for all your existing MC-3+ or MC-3+USB customers. But thanks to its unmatched flexibility with both 50 and 75 Ohms outputs, it is also ideally suited as a high-end 10 MHz clock source for any 10 MHz-compatible DAC or master clock.

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