PSI Audio Heretage3

# PSIA265250
3-way active loudspeaker (per pair)

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The Héritage3 is PSI Audio's first home entertainment loudspeaker. Based on the technological expertise of more than 40 years of developing speakers, the Héritage3combines established proprietary technologies like CPR and AOI with an exciting exterior design and an all new circuitry. Bringing professional sonic accuracy to the living room.

Audio professionals cannot compromise on playback quality. Their work depends on the accuracy of their tools, including their loudspeakers. Home audio enthusiasts can be more lenient - in theory. In practice, discerning listeners will expect their loudspeakers to reproduce their favourite music as accurately as possible. With the Héritage3from PSI Audio, they get exactly that.

PSI Audio is well-known among sound production experts for its outstandingly precise speakers. The company's 40 years of experience now culminate in the Héritage3: an active floor-standing speaker newly developed for the living room. While the Héritage3 was specifically designed for home use from the ground up, the engineers were able to draw on the expertise gained from developing the renowned three-way studio monitor speaker Héritage3. The result is high-end professional level sound for discerning music enthusiasts. The DSP-free, completely analogue circuitry is combined with an enclosure design featuring 45-degree angles to reduce secondary emissions and achieve a perfectly flat frequency response within 1 dB across the entire spectrum.

For living room applications, incredible sound is often not enough. Home entertainment speakers need to look the part - they have to become a piece of beautiful designer furniture that is as easy on the eye as it is on the ear. PSI Audio delivers: the Héritage3 merges acoustic design and unique, elegant looks. Its shape is timeless and both discreet and exciting at the same time, with its elegant geometry lending visual clarity and sophistication to any room. The combination of black and European walnut wood finish makes the Héritage3 truly a sight to behold.

Inside the wooden housing of the PSI Audio Héritage3 is proprietary technology - the very same technology that has gained the trust of professional music producers and sound engineers worldwide. Woofer and midrange driver employ the extremely efficient Class G/H topology amplifiers, providing more power with less distortion. The phase response is just as linear as the frequency response due to PSI Audio CPR technology (Compensated Phase Response). The reproduction of rapid transients is perfected through AOI, the Adaptive Output Impedance, continually monitoring the membrane movement and feeding it back into the amplifier. The result is sonic accuracy at its finest.

The PSI Audio Héritage3 features three drivers: the 10-inch woofer for exact bass, the 5.8-inch midrange driver for transparent mids and the entirely handmade 1-inch dome tweeter for airy highs. The amplifiers drive them with more than sufficient power: 170 W for the woofer, 80 W for the medium range and 50 W for the tweeter, resulting in a total continuous maximum SPL of 109 dB for a single speaker. The spectrum ranges from 28 Hz to 23,000 Hz at 1 dB tolerance.

Like all products from PSI Audio, the Héritage3 is built in the company's own manufacture in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. All steps from development to final assembly take place here. Every single speaker is individually measured and calibrated in the anechoic chamber - Swiss precision at its best. From the smallest components to the finished product, PSI Audio goes for perfection down to the very details.